Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

Type machine

Hellooohaaa fellows,

Greetings from Medan :)
Today, I wanna challenge myself to share my posting in English. Not always, but I try.

So, actually today I wanna give a try to type with type machine which is used by my sister, Novi, because she must have typing skill with type machine (the manual, for sure). Yes, she is an employee (yippie...), staff junior in one of the notary offices in Medan, officially started from 2 days ago. Congratulation dear. I'm proud of you.

Then, this type machine now is next to me, 'calling' for me.

But wait a moment.
Please come and enjoy EUROPE ON SCREEN, the film screenings held in Alliance Francaise Medan, Jln. Hasanuddin No. 5B Medan on May 3rd-4th and 6th-10th. FREE (register first).

Have a nicest day :)

Ingrid Tambun.

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